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Maths: Primary and Middle School

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Please add any comments about the following resources, or add a link to any of your favourite sites.


  • ABC Schools TV - a range of resource material including classroom activities, based on selected programmes, is provided
  • Active Maths - lots of learning objects, lesson-starters, questions, problem-solving activities, investigations, games, simulations and IWB resources.
  • BBC Schools (primary  ages 4-11) - provides a range of learning resources
  • CoolMath (US) - a math portal for junior maths. A great maths website with activities and information for studnets, teachers and parents. Many other maths links are also included.
  • Count me in too (Aus) - A numeracy project operating across New South Wales Department of Education and Training primary schools. The students' section of the site contains a number of learning objects and games
  • Country Areas Program (Aus) - provides great educational links for both teachers and parents, specifically to help those in regional and rural New South Wales. 



  • Fractions - other sources of information on the K-6 syllabus (from UNSW)
  • ICT Games (Numeracy) - learning objects
  • Illuminations  P-12 Lesson plans and online activities, from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (USA)
  •  MAA Number a Day blog - created by the Mathematical Association of America Mathematics Illuminated - This 13-part multimedia learning resource is offered as part of the Annenberg Media website, and it covers everything from the study of prime numbers to the beauty of symmetry. Visitors can view each one of the 13 half-hour programs, and the titles include "How Big is Infinity?", "Other Dimensions", and "Game Theory".
  • Maths Champs -- 30 free online arithmetic games from Pearson.  Grouped for ages 5-7, 7-9, 9-11.
  • Maths Dictionary - Includes; maths activities, free kindergarten CD, math resource software, online maths lesson, fourth grade math worksheets, tutor services, lesson planet, kindergarten math, homework help and math homework help.
  • National Library of Virtual Manipulatives: Math Tools (k-12) (Aus) - an online resource where students can view and use virtual manipulatives.
  • National Numeracy Strategy (US)  - interactive whiteboard activities and learning objects
  • Number Cruncher Website - online learning objects.
  • Number Patterns with Curves and Topology : a range of resources for maths with patterns and curves


  • Primary Resources : Mathematics -  lesson plans, activity ideas and resources
  • Primary School.com (Aus) - a terrific online teaching resource full of  accessible lesson plans and other educational resources. 
  • Rain Forest Maths (Aus) - a colourful and interactive website designed as a fun tool for students to enhance their mathematical competence.
  • TeacherLED - a series of IWB activities for maths  (algebra, data handling, number, shape/space/measurement, general maths, investigations)
  • Teachit Primary - a UK site, with resources contributed by teachers. Register (for free) to download the pdf documents. 
  • We all use maths every day - provides activities to accompany the TV maths-based detective program, "Numb3rs".
  • What Works Clearinghouse (US) - a source of scientific evidence for what works in education. Look under the Publications tab for a range of resource



     Whole numbers

    • ABC games - produced by ABC games online. It includes games to help children understand basic number concepts.
    • Math tools - An online digital library, that supports the use of software in the teaching of mathematics


      Addition & subtraction   

    • Maths Champs -- online games from Pearson, for ages 7-11.
    • Primary resources (UK) - A  website to gather lesson examples from and other math activities.
    • NZmath (NZ) -  A site from New Zealand with lots of great resources which can be easily adapted.
    • Teaching ideas (UK) - Addition and Subtraction ideas and resources with many other links to mathematics online resources  


     Multiplication & division

    • Math quiz - A wonderful site,  which allows you to set up free online tests for every child in your class.
    • Multiplication.com - A interactive game site, that incorporates multiplication understanding, via fun online


     Fractions & decimals

    • WebMath - This website is a coverter that allows users to type in a example of a fraction and covert it to a decimal.
    • AAA Math - A wealth of content that also inculdes a converstion generater, allowing users o complete online examples and get immediate feedback on their knowledge levels.



    • Coin tossing - An excellent way for students to explore chance through coin tossing without having to flick the coin themselves hundreds or even thousands of times, this site flips the coin for them and following this assists in organizing the data.
    • The probability web - A wealth of material for teaching the mathematical strand chance with mulitple links to other teaching resources.
    • Basic probability - a website with a focus on the introduction of a learner to probaility and chance, with an aim to explain its purpose in mathematics



    • edhelper - Online mathematics website for K-6, providing excellent resources and features for teachers.
    • AbcTeach - Free printable hands -on activity worksheets



    • Maths forum: K-12 Algebra - internet website providing; classroom materials, software, internet projects, and public forums for discussion.
    • Interactive - This amazing site is purely an interactive math website designed simply for the education of mathematics through online educational games. Terrific site to browse or even to allow students to use for an extension activity



  • Geometry games - this website allows students to learn about shapes through interactive games. Students will measure angles, match shapes with names, and explore the properties of many shapes, all through playing games. 


Problem solving

  • Count us in - This site is great! It provides maths games that allow students to develop fundamental maths skills through play



  • Measurement for all grades- Using a variety of Virtual manipulatives students are able to explore the measurement strand. This website provides grade specific virtual resources that are fun and interactive. Whilst the site is an American site it is excellent to use in the Australian mathematical classroom. There are virtual geoboards, attribute blocks, containers to measure volume among many other great
  • Sierpinski Triangles - This a simple activity that students from year 2-6 loved! It involves measuring, dividing and use of a rule to create triangles within triangles. It also comes with some worksheets that would be suitable for older students. When finished, some of these hanging in the classroom would look fantastic.



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