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Maths: Secondary

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Please add any comments about the following resources, or add a link to any of your favourite sites.


  • MathsOnline - online maths tutoring program, based on Australian state curricula for years 7-12 features animated and narrated lessons with over 15,000 exam-style questions to test a student's mastery of maths.
  • BBC Schools (ages 16+) - provides a range of learning resources
  • Census at School using data about school students in a range of countries (including Australia), for data handling and statistical inquiries
  • CoolMath (US) - a range of lessons, examples and activities. Website labels itself as 'an amusement park of maths' 
  • Education Assessment (Maths) - a range of resources on International Competitions and Assessments for Schools from EAA.
  • Great Secondary Lesson Ideas -- Free 5-minute online videos with innovative teaching ideas,  from Teachers TV (UK).  Five videos for secondary maths, three more for GCSE maths. 
  • MAA Number a Day blog - created by the Mathematical Association of America
  • Mathematics Illuminated - This 13-part multimedia learning resource is offered as part of the Annenberg Media website, and it covers everything from the study of prime numbers to the beauty of symmetry. Visitors can view each one of the 13 half-hour programs, and the titles include "How Big is Infinity?", "Other Dimensions", and "Game Theory".
  • National Science Foundation (US) Mathematics Classroom Resources
  • National Science Foundation (US)  Mathematics Discoveries 
  • Questacon : National Science & Technology Centre - explore the  section (esp the Study resources) 
  • Wolfram MathWorld - provides definitions of a wide range of mathematical concepts (with illustrations where appropriate). Have a look at Interactive Entries in the left-hand column
  • NSW Curriculum Support - (Mathematics) - a range of support resources are available on this page 
  • NSW HSC Online - contains topics related to Mathematics plus links to more resources
  • NSW HSC Syllabuses - support documents include resource lists
  • Number Patterns with Curves and Topology : a range of resources for maths with patterns and curves
  • Symmetry and Tessellations : a range of resources for maths with tessellations
  • Polyhedra Pastimes : a range of resources for maths with polhedra
  • Plane Math : a site outlining concepts in aeronautical mathematics that contains lesson plans and activities for students
  • Curious Maths : a maths resource site that outlines a number of maths formulae and problems


  • Khan Academy - a fantastic collection of video-based learning resources (some with self-paced exercises).   



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