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Multimedia resources

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Various resources have been listed on this page. Please add any comments - or add in your favourite sites. 


There is a wealth of multimedia resources available on the web. However, they are NOT necessarily copyright free - so please check the terms of use on each site.


  • ABC Splash (Australian) - video and audio clips, all mapped to the Australian curriculum. Teacher resources and collections, infographics, small interactives and games.
  • BBC GSCE Bitesize - A secondary school revision resource for students studying their GCSEs featuring written content, interactive content, audio, video and games.
  • CoolToolsforSchools (US) - a fabulous collection of 'tools' that can be used to create / enhance lessons and lesson materials.
  • Copyright-Friendly & Copyleft images & sound  - collected by the Springfield Township High School Virtual Library
  • Fiery Ideas (UK) - Interactive materials for primary classrooms.  Click on "Freebies" to find free online and downloadable material.  (Free registration required.)
  • Index of Online Resources (copyright on the internet) - this site provides a table of public domain, open access, and sites of interest for still images, clip art, video, animation and sound. It's a very useful overview of what sites you can use freely (and which you shouldn't).
  • Learning Federation- provides online, interactive teaching materials (free) to all Australian and New Zealand schools. Within the  TLF Content Repository (contact your university or school for registration details) there are a range of learning objects, videos, images audio files.
  • Open Thinking Wiki -- Digital Storytelling - Tools and resources for digital storytelling.
  • Sparklebox - Has a wide range of resources for Kindy (Prep) and Stage 1 students. Also has a link to a Stage 2 site.
  • http://www.copacabana-p.schools.nsw.edu.au/Get_Smart_Pages/Get_Smart.htm This school site offers a range of activities and resources to support classroom activities.
  • Teacher's Domain - multimedia resources for the classroom and professional development. Free registration required.
  • Toolkit A-Z for Education - an alphabetic listing of useful resources (compiled by JudyO'Connell) 
  • Top web2.0 tools - a selection of 'tools', organised by purpose or type 
  • web2.0 resources for 21stC instruction -  an amazing collection of web2.0 resources, organised by purpose
  • Wikimedia Commons - images, sound & video licensed under CreativeCommons
  • WISC-Online  - a respository of 'learning objects' covering all subject areas



Explore the links below - under the following formats:     Audio books  |   Images   |   Music   |   Podcasts   |   Video   |     Widgets & gadgets    



Audio books / online books


  • Audio books for free (US) - children's classics

  • broadcastr - a new online resource, allowing you to share 'your' story. The 'youtube' of audio ... 

  • Children's Storybooks Onlinee

  • eBooks@Adelaide - free online books from the University of Adelaide Library

  • Funbrain - Read web books and comics online, and engage in fun, online reading activities. This site also hosts a "FunBlog" that covers a range of different writing topics for primary school students.

  • Iyedo - This is an online collection of nursery rhymes - supported with interesting graphics that are derived from the title of each rhyme.

  • LearnOutLoud - educational audiobooks, podcasts and videos

  • LibriVox - provides free audiobooks from the public domain (once copyright restrictions have expired). Their collection includes a range of children's books. You need to search by author / title - they don't have a browsable list.

  • Oxford Owl -- 100 free ebooks to read online, for ages 3-7, from Oxford Primary.

  • Starfall - A great collection of interactive learn-to-read activites. Includes a feature that helps children spell out individual sounds. Also incorporates music, simple animations, and fun little activites. The reading activites are organised into ability levels. (US).

  • Storyline Online This is a program of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation. It is an online streaming video program featuring celebrities reading children's books aloud. Each book contains an accompanying lesson plan and activity guide.

  • Storynory - free audio stories for children

  • Wired for Books (US) Kid's Corner - a small collection of audio files - but they include a number of Beatrix Potter titles.




  • Art Images for College Teaching (AICT) - a free-use educational resource for art images
  • FlickrCC - lets you search for Creative Commons images on Flickr
  • LIFE Magazine photo images - a collection of images photographed by LIFE Magazine photographers and newly digitized by Google. The collection which has been added to Google’s Image Search consists of approximately 10 million photos dating back to the 1750’s. These resources can be used for personal / non-commercial purposes.
  • Microsoft Office clipart - can be used for personal or educational use
  • Pics4Learning - copright friendly images for education
  • Picture Australia - provides access to images that cover all aspects of Australiana, including artworks and photographs
  • Wikimedia Commons - images, sound & video licensed under CreativeCommons


     Use the Google Image Advanced search engine to locate images - you can limit by usage rights

     Use the Internet for Image Searching Tutorial  to discover other ways of finding images


Music & Audio


  • ccMixter - acommunity music site (using Creative Commons licensing).
  • Freesound project - a database of sounds (not songs), using CC licenses
  • Music Australia - provides access to music scores, sound recordings, websites and a range of other music-related material ....
  • Soundsnap - a collection of sound effects and loops. Registration is required. Their free account entitles you to 5 downloads per month
  • Wikimedia Commons - images, sound & video licensed under CreativeCommons




A podcast is a digital media file that is shared over the web. Podcasts allow you to listen to radio shows and other audio and video programs at any chosen time. Podcasts are a great educational tool, as they can be downloaded on to a computer or mp3 player, and used for a variety of listening activities. 


  • ABC Podcasts - a collection of Radio National podcasts. The subject categories are quite useful.
  • EdPods - an ABC Radio resource. EdPod presents a mix of education stories, from early childhood to secondary school. Frm the classroom to the staff room and on to the home, EdPod brings you the latest ideas about learning
  • Ideas for Podcasting in the Classroom - a resource on instructional uses of podcasting and creating a podcast.
  • iTunes Podcasts -  iTunes can be downloaded for free and is a great way in which to file collections of podcasts for use in the classroom.
  • LearnOutLoud - educational audiobooks, podcasts and videos
  • Royal Society (UK) podcasts of library events - they have an eclectic range of scientific podcasts available. 




  • ABC iView
  • ABC Schools TV - a range of resource material including classroom activities, based on the selected programmes, is made available
  • Academic Earth - online lectures and videos
  • Annenberg Media's Learner.Org - videos for teaching and for teacher professional development, across many subject areas, free online for educational use. From the USA. 
  • Australian Screen Online - Education  Over 1000 clips from Australian feature films, with teachers' notes.
  • BBC Active
  • Big Ideas - ABC TV Lots of videos and clips to watch online and download.  Australian social issues. 
  • enhanceTV  - provides information on educational programmes which are screening on free-to-air TV. Free registration entitles you to a weekly alert - outlining the programs that will be broadcast in the coming week. A wonderful tool that ensures you can record programmes of interest!!  
  • Film Australia Digital Learning - free filmclips from Film Australia productions, plus teaching guides
  • Google Video - please note that access to YouTube may be blocked by various Education depts.
  • Learning Federation - provides online, interactive teaching materials (free) to all Australian and New Zealand schools. Registration is required for the TLF Content Repository (contact your university or school for registration details). 
  • LearnOutLoud - educational audiobooks, podcasts and videos
  • National Geographic Channel Australia & New Zealand - watch whole programmes and shorter clips online.  Some teacher support material.  View videos by title using their Video Player, or browse by subject.  Check out their new Great Migrations Education Hub, aimed at upper primary/lower secondary science classrooms.
  • SchoolTube - another video sharing site, endorsed by a number of Education depts (US).
  • TeacherTube - instructional videos for use by teachers. Free registration required.
  • Teaching Channel - video showcase of innovative & effective teaching practices in American schools 
  • TED - Videos of talks on thought-provoking topics
  • Teachers TV  -  Videos can be watched free online, or downloaded (restrictions on downloading for users outside the U.K.).  Lots of material for teacher professional development as well as for classroom teaching.
  • TES - Videos from Teachers TV  3,500 free videos from the former Teachers TV website
  • Teachers TV Australia -- Australian video content, plus some programs licensed from Teachers TV (U.K.).  Free registration required. Programs may be watched but not downloaded.  Includes some great programs, such as "Voices from the Cape". 
  • Universal Newsreels (US) - Newsreels were shown before every feature film and in dedicated newsreel theaters located in large cities. Universal Newsreel, produced from 1929 to 1967, was released twice a week. Each issue contained six or seven short stories, usually one to two minutes in length, covering world events, politics, sports, fashion, and whatever else might entertain the movie audience. These newsreels offer a fascinating and unique view of an era when motion pictures defined our culture and were a primary source of visual news reporting.
  • Wikimedia Commons - images, sound & video licensed under CreativeCommons
  • YouTube - please note that access to YouTube may be blocked by various Education depts.


  • Academic Earth - thousands of video lectures, from top scholars / top universities around the world. Search, or browse by subject. The playlists are also very interesting ***
  • Wordia.com is a high-quality online dictionary:  a professional authoritative textual dictionary but with one big difference....... Like a traditional dictionary, Wordia allows users to search for the spelling, meaning and etymology of a word but what makes Wordia unique is the ability for users to explore the personal connotation of word through video.



  • Slowmation - simplified way for students to make a narrated stop-motion animation that is played at 2 frames per second. It lets them explain a concept or tell a story. Developed by an Australian educator.
  • PhotoPeach - students can create their own slideshows using photos and text,  and adding music (from the database). Explore PhotoPeach for Educators



Widgets & gadgets


  • 'education' widgets - a range of 'education-tagged' widgets/gadgets that you can embed in your webpages (from Widgetbox)



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